How best to replicate the zoom amount used in ortho view?

I am comparing ortho view V5 and V7 to get matching dimension styles.
V7 seems to give different text locations and heights despite matching the dimension settings.

I am finding the grid in V7 does not match the grid in V5 even after using transform in photoshop.

To make life easier and have same grid on screen…
Is there a value figure for the zoom I am at, that I can feed into V7 to get same size grid on screen.?




First off check your zoom calibration by running Zoom1To1Calibrate and entering the requested measurement. Then run Zoom 1To1. Do this in both R5 and R7. Your R5 and R7 grids should (provided the grid settings are equivalent!) now be the same size on screen.

You will obviously want to zoom in and out. While you want to keep comparable grid sizes you should only change the zoom by using the Zoom Factor option. Use a factor that is between zero and 1 to zoom out and a factor greater than 1 to zoom in. Be sure to use the same factor in R5 and R7 each time you zoom.

If you make a mistake and get out of step, or you want to go back to synchronised grid sizes after working for a while with different zooms in R5 and R7, go back to Zoom 1To1 in both Rhinos and use Zoom Factor from there.

You won’t need to rerun the calibration again unless you change to a different screen.


P.S. Looking at your dimension settings in another other recent post of yours, I see that you are going to have a similar issue to your text size issue because you have been relying on the odd R5 model scaling behaviour and have e.g. tiny little arrows that R5 scaled up fortuitously but the corrected R7 won’t. Change your annotation style and model scale (as previously advised) to sort out the titchy text before you address your dimensions because the model scale change will impact the dimensions as well and you will have further changes to make to the dimension settings in your annotation styles.

If you don’t deal with things in this orderly fashion you will end up chasing your tail.

Zoom1To1Calibrate brings up a blue bar called measure this bar, but not wishing to mark in any way £1400 of specially coated screen I dont want to press ruler onto screen, finger prints trying to hold it in place etc, scratches if it slips a bit, a bit crude a method, it is about 5inch by hovering as close as I dare.
I see a right click on the zoom icon allwos a zoom factor to be entered but its tricky getting it to the zoom amount I need and the value is not a current zoom amount because entering 1.0 does not return it back to the start, but is a zoom amount further onwards from the current zoom.

Is there not a readout anywhere that as I scroll wheel zoom, tells me a number indicating the zoom I am doing ?

or a command to run telling me the zoom value I am at ?

Otherwise I will just open the file, zoom until my dims are of a size I wish to study, then draw a box that is just visible on screen, transfer that also to V7 (copy paste or import ?) and zoom again until it fits.
do screen capture of both.

As for the dims problem. I am redoing all the styles in V5 to be 1:1 model space scale and those that were 1:10 now need 10x the numbers in the boxes for height, arrow length, extension etc, but leave the factor numbers alone. save as a 1:1 scale file, then do a printscreen into photoshop, then open the old file and at same scale of zoom (hence this need) printscreen again and compare.

THEY ARE THE SAME. :grinning: so far so good. then open the 1:1 scale into V7 and compare again, they SHOULD be also the same. thats where I am at, trying to see if they are, first signs show they are not, and that shouldnt be, I must have a setting different somewhere, but I want to be sure the grid is a perfect match before declaring another problem. second attempt and grid matches, but text doesnt.


Use the edge of sheet of A4 paper and mark the bar ends on it lightly with a soft pencil or fine felt pen, then measure the paper.

Or assume that the R5 and R7 bars measure the same (they did on my system) and put the same approximate measurement into each.

No, that’s not right: a zoom factor of 1 leaves the current zoom unchanged. A larger number zooms in, a smaller number (i.e. a fraction) zooms out.

The zoom factor is relative to the current view, it isn’t an absolute value. That’s why starting again from the 1To1 position can be useful - it avoids discrepancies creeping in.


That only works if the viewport in V7 is the same size as the viewport in V5. From memory, they differ.