How best to fillet these edges?

I am using fillet edge 0.018 inches and whilst managing three edges, the rest are failing me.
e.g. A B C fails.
I can do the simple edge BC, but the intricate area is an issue, using a smaller fillet on the upright saw an overhang develop.

I cannot get the large scallops to fillet.

What is the fix ?
FilletEdge 0.018 how.3dm (352.7 KB)



Hi Steve - In general when colliding fillets are made, they should be done at the same time - if not, then make the larger ones first. In this case thay are all the same, and the existing .018 fillet stops the rest of them from working. You can back that out and do them all at once, or live with it and fix with surfacing.

But where the scallop interesects the littler vertical surface is messy - the result will be, from FilletEdge, all the fillets made but not trimmed in. Then you need to figure out what, exactly, should happen here: