How best to draw between circle centres after they are projected to skin?

circles project to skin lose their ‘centre’ osnap ability, how can I draw lines between their centres ?


If you still have the unprojected circles then add the center point to the circles and project the center point with the circles.

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Cheers David
Easy when you know how,
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I think I have originals.

I wonder if I project the skin ones to Cplane I can generate circles again, just a thought, will try.


Probably, if you run SimplifyCrv on the result afterwards… --Mitch

Unfortunately this is not likely to work in V5 - there is a bug in V5 that prevents circles and arcs from simplifying to these even if they are very close -Try it, but I think that function simply does not work on near circles and arcs…


Yeah, you’re right, forgot about that (it was me that posted it even), sometimes it works and mostly it don’t…

Here is my script hack to make it work no matter what… (2.2 KB)


Another method:

Create a copy of the surface the projected circle is on. Trim the surface copy so that only the portion interior of the projected circle remains.

AreaCentroid on the trimmed surface for the area center point of the trimmed surface.

Project or Pull to put the “center point” on the trimmed surface if needed.

This may give a slightly different “center point” than projecting the center point of the original surface. Depending on the use of the center point the difference may or may not be significant. Also, for some uses the center from AreaCentroid may be the appropriate one.

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