How best to create surface from mesh terrain surface?

V5, having imported dxf lidar, and usd MeshPatch to ‘skin’ the mesh, I cannot seem to use intersect to get a cross section through the terrain with a surface.

As such I will use project in top view to obtain a section line.

However, I am used to surfaces and wish to place buildings onto the terrain and add features so what is best way of creating a surface from a mesh ? organic shape one …being a terrain !

One can make mesh from surface, but can one go backwards as well ?

I dont wish to be purchasing grasshopper etc just to do this.


Hi Steve - - couple of things-

  • Section will work with meshes.
  • MeshIntersect for intersections
  • You should be able to place buildings - depending on just what you need to do
  • Grasshopper is free
  • RhinoTerrain and Rhino Lands are not but are good for this type of thing.