How Automatically Cancel out of Error Window in a custom Component

Hey all…

So, my issue is while running the below script on a different set of tiles @the last custom python component to cut generic model elements with a generic void family…

I sometimes receive the below error message during computation and I have to manually cancel out of it, to continue cutting other tiles and ignoring the ones with the error (not able to replicate the issue atm, but if I get it again will give a sample)…

As such, I want to know if there is something I could add to the python script (or if there is a C# equivalent to “ARDB.InstanceVoidCutUtils.AddInstanceVoidCut()”), that would automatically cancel the error message and continue with cutting the rest of the elements


Take a look at the error suppression in this definition. I don’t think it will handle all errors but might help in this case.

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Tested this method by moving a brick and joining it with another one and then cutting them with void, it suppressed the warning message of elements are joined but do not intersect (which is of severity “warning”)… will see if I can work it out to handle failures of severity “Error”

Hey Japhy, thanks for the guidance.

And here is my final result with the failure handler that works with both Warnings (to be suppressed) and Errors (to cancel error messages and roll back the failing transaction without showing message box)… (6.3 KB)

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