Houdini vs grasshopper

Hi guyz as a professional user of grasshopper for a decade I’m getting used to Houdini. in terms of platform and workstation there is no big difference except animating feature and generative models! its really forward thinking. any way i create this topic in order to share your experience about this app (pros & cons). i hope mcneel’s guy take a deep look into Houdini because its really futuristic in case of parametric designing and form-finding on Physics-based generative logic!
to begin: For Loop - Fractal Ornament - YouTube

I guess most people here are fully aware of Houdini and its feature set.
It has impressive capabilities and has solved things like loops or better scripting capabilites, which are long overdue in vanilla Grasshopper in my opinion - pretty well.

However, it’s an even harder tool to learn and control than Grasshopper. This is due to it’s complexity but first and foremost because it obfuscates many processes and leaves you with a battery or component, described with a weird name or acronym. I like the more low level approach in Grasshopper better, which eventually leads you to a better understanding of tool agnostic geometry and maths concepts.

A huge downside is also that, like many animation and mesh modelling tools, it deals in units and not accurate measurements. This is fine for exploring new ideas and going crazy with exuberant geometries, but a deal breaker for things that need to manifest in reality at some point.

It’s true that it’s performance is pretty good and that it can handle more than Grasshopper, however things in my opinion add up quickly, and once it’s reaches a certain point, it becomes pretty laggy.

Houdini is also not a new thing! It’s been around for at least two decades and has been “misused” in architectural and design experiments for at least the last ten years. :wink:

The new kids on the block are the Sverchok add-on and Geometry Nodes in Blender. Another thing to look out for is Grasshopper 2, which should be hopefully released in the coming months!

In the end, Grasshopper is really a tool for designers, engineers, and architects, whereas Houdini is for the movie and effects industry.

By the way, fractals can also be done in Grasshopper!