Hotkey for Panel, DivideCrv etc

When using Nuke or Houdini similar node based visual programming software. You can access the 5 / 6 main common nodes by using hotkey instead of searching for them.
If by pressing P we could get a panel, D a divide curve, 1 a slider from 0 to 1.0, G a Geo, C a curve nodes

That would really speed up our workflow
Just a thought

You can set an alias for each component by right clicking on the button in the menu. Then you get access to it by pressing space and whatever key you assigned to it.

When you type 1 after pressing space you already get a slider. It’s a silly slider though, as it only “slides” between 2 values; 0 and 1.

You can create a slider with your domain by entering this:


Or a panel by starting with " and then whatever you want to write

You can find many more shortcuts on this website:

:rhinoceros: Rhino Secrets | rhino-secrets (

Thanks, i knew that one bit often when you prototype you just need a quick slider and by having a one key to press instead of typing could speed up the workflow. Thanks for the help.

Thanks i ll try this

Great web site ! Tx

I love : //… Two forward slashes also generats a [Text Panel]
Thanks Martin !

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I think the explained procedure with start of domain < current value < end of domain is really, really quick.