Horizontal shift in V-Ray

@ALTO @Micha can you check if this works as you would expect?

Hi @Gijs

I’m very curious for a solution for a horizontal shift correction too. I don’t need it often, but if needed, than it was cumbersome to get the right output.

Unfortunately I’m not very familiar with python scripts. I use python scripts at buttons scripts like this:

! _-RunPythonScript (


What should I copy between the ( )?


Instead of () “full path to .py inside double quotes”

I tried it now and got this message.


How did you download it? Try downloading the raw file

It was a direct download of the py file.

Hmm strange. I’ll send you the py file that I know works to see if it matters by pm.

Great!!! No error message and it works. Should be a V-Ray standard tool. Thank you very much!

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I uploaded a new version with options to report current horizontal shift and to reset the current shift. Usage:

! _-RunPythonScript “fullpath\to\guessHorizontalshift.py” 0 >guess
! _-RunPythonScript “fullpath\to\guessHorizontalshift.py” 1 >reset
! _-RunPythonScript “fullpath\to\guessHorizontalshift.py” 2 >print

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Thank you Gijs, it works quite good!
I see it fails with some “extreme” camera angle, but i don’t mind it shouldn’t be used in that way.

Some notes: it works also with Vray Next, and haha it call me stupid… :sweat_smile:

Still think for my needs the Horizontal offset is the right tool, unfortunately it doesn’t work in real-time so it’s very hard to use.

@Gijs I used it for a current project and I’m very happy about the easy usage and good result. Thank you very much. I will use this option more often now.

@andy Could a horizontal correction not be added as an option for the Rhino viewport too like the two-point-perspective? Would be easier if the correction could be seen at the viewport and be save to the named view.

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FYI: It saves in snapshots, like all the camera settings. (At least in Rhino V7.4/ V-Ray 5.1)

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on Rhino V7 / V-Ray 5

how do i download?
how do i install?
how to use ?



I am also receiving the message
It was a direct download of the py file.

I already got it


@bilico @Micha @ALTO apparently I did not correct the correction factor correctly, I’ve now updated it and should work for every angle. pls. let me know if it doesn’t.

tell me one thing

when we design a scenery in rhino with sunlight:

should the scenario be above the default grid?
or does it make a difference?

does this plugin have the same function as the tilt / shift lens of professional photo machines?


I don’t understand this question, but if you have other (unrelated) questions, please open a separate thread for this to keep the forum organized

how is this plugin used?
Do you have a manual?
i installed on rhino 7

simply save the .py file to a location on your drive. For example if you save this .py file in d:\scripts\vray then:
make aliases for (to set horizontal shift):
!-RunPythonScript "d:\scripts\vray\guessHorizontalShift.py" 0

Note that it only will affect V-Ray rendering, not the viewport
(to reset):
!-RunPythonScript "d:\scripts\vray\guessHorizontalShift.py" 1