Horizontal Scoll in DataGrid Eto

I am currently implementing a datagrid that changes in size based on inputs. However I am encountering an issue where the columns exceed the width of my dialogbox and was wondering if there is any form of horizontal scrolling that I can implement to allow the user to view more of the box?

Set the GridView as a component of a scrollable panel. Place this panel as content in the overarching panel.

 GridView Column_Input = new GridView();
 Column_Input.ShowHeader = true;
 Column_Input.AllowColumnReordering = false;
 Column_Input.Columns.Add(new GridColumn() { HeaderText = "Rows", DataCell = new TextBoxCell(0), Resizable = false, Editable = false });

 Scrollable Scroll_panel = new Scrollable();
 Scroll_panel.ExpandContentWidth = true;
 Scroll_panel.ExpandContentHeight = true;
 Scroll_panel.Content = Column_Input;

 DynamicLayout panel = new DynamicLayout();