Hops disconnects inputs after updating functions

I am very excited about Hops and plan to use it for sharing and reusing functions. I only have one question/request about updating the input/output of the Hops function.

I created function.gh:

and referenced it in test.gh with Hops:

Later on, when I update inputs (rename/delete/add) in function.gh:

all Hops inputs will be disconnected in test.gh:

If I use Hops several times in a GH definition, after an update, it may be tricky to reconnect all inputs manually. In future versions of Hops, will you be able to enhance Hops, so that it remembers the inputs even after the functions are updated?



I just published Hops 0.4.5 that attempts to address this issue. Let me know if it is still buggy.

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Thanks a lot! It works perfectly for me when adding or deleting inputs.
However, if I rename an input in the function, the hops component disconnects that input. Is it possible to address this as well?