Hops, decode Algo from IO Request JSON

Hey everyone,

I’m trying to learn more about rhino.compute and hops, following this awesome tutorial by Andy Payne, and I’ve got a question.

As far as I understand it, when you load your definition into hops and export the last IO request in the REST API, you get the b64 representation of your code in the algo section within the JSON file. Is there a way to decode that b64 file so I can read the used definitions or which component is connected to which without having to open the file in Grasshopper?

I have tried online b64 decoders but I got jibberish.

test.json (7.7 KB)

I think that the b64 encoded string in the JSON file represents the Grasshopper definition.
Grasshopper definitions are not plain text files
This is probably why decoding them as plain text results in gibberish.
@AndyPayne surely knows more.

Thanks @farouk.serragedine for explanation. Then is there a way to read that binary code somehow? I am just curious about ways to convert gh definitions to string formats.