Hops configuration

Finally getting around to dipping my toe in Hops. I have tried a simple scenario, but I seem to be missing something:

  • Create the attached Pts2Delauney.gh

  • In a separate Grasshopper file, use the Hops component to call Pts2Delauney.gh

  • I Set multiple points to a Point parameter and feed it into the Hops component, but get an error that “Points requires at least 3 items” (I’m giving it 6).

I did set the GetPoint attribute to “At least 3” so I know where the message is coming from, I just don’t understand why I’m seeing it with 6 points being used.



Pts2Delauney.gh (6.4 KB)

Argh - I found it. The “At Most” setting of “Get Point” defaults to 1, so that needed to be changed. All good now!