Hops Components

For Grasshopper Hops, instead of using the “set definition” every time to use a Hops definition, like this:

Rather than the “set definition” I’d like the ability to create a few Components, each with their own icon, and provide them as a component category that someone can import from a hops webserver:

Is that possible?

Has anyone done it?

This is not available in hops yet, but it is something we hope to eventually support.

Custom icons on components is already supported, but we do not support dynamic ribbon building based on hops endpoints.

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As a solution provider, it would be easier, and a cleaner interface, to maintain a dynamic ribbon.

In that way an opensource GitHub repository could be maintained with a CICD pipeline, and the endpoint published. Other features might include:

  • discoverable ribbons through gh package manager
  • a marketplace/catalog for ribbons

When you say “eventually” do you have an eta?

The current interface, whilst exciting, isn’t the best ergonomically.

There is no ETA on this feature. The McNeel developers that work on this project (myself included) are pretty loaded up with work on core Rhino/Grasshopper at the moment.

This is an open source project and if you want to submit a pull request with changes we would be more than happy to review them.

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