Hops: cannot read errors after 0.6.0 update

@stevebaer cool new features in 0.6.0! However, I’m having trouble reading the errors that the component throws now cause it seems that an event is overriding them:


Anyone else experimenting this? To reproduce this, just do anything that would make hops angry and try to read the error in the bubble

I haven’t seen this yet and it was definitely not intentional. Does this only happen when the asynchronous mode is enabled?

Happens both when Async is enabled and disabled.

I am able to repeat this and am working on a fix now. Hopefully it won’t take long.

Looks like the code that tries to detect changes on the python server has some flawed logic and is causing a rebuild of the component when any error occurs.

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@dadandroid I just published Hops 0.6.1 with a fix for this bug.

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