Hops bug + why

Day 220

Here’s a cool bug from a CPython hops function

The issue comes from the hops type and the default value I set in the function

I tried node_index="" because hops doesn’t allow None on default…
Is there a reason why hops doesn’t allow : node_index=None ?

My solution is to use default = -1, but the question above remains :slight_smile:


shouldn’t it be node_indices = [], since you defined the input as list?

I tried that before yes…

What I ended up doing is write it there (line 272)
hs.HopsInteger("Index", "I", "Indexes to read data from", hs.HopsParamAccess.LIST, default=-1)

Setting it to -1 while declaring a hops LIST param access seems to set the default to [-1], so I can use the -1 as a special value to have a different behavior.

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