Hops asynchronous solving - sending data slowness

according to this post: Wish: stats in the viewport - #4 by Czaja

Lately, I was looking at how I can benefit from Hops.
I got one test file where I see benefits of asynchronous solving and caching results

other test

hops test wydajnosci.gh (23.2 KB)
Hops component
hops populate test.gh (9.4 KB)

mesh details conduit.gh (21.2 KB)
mesh details Hops.gh (10.9 KB)
meshes hops test.3dm (6.8 MB)

But in this example, from the thread mentioned at the start, sending 500k vert mesh to Hops is actually much slower. I got to use a stoper because we don’t receive info about the time length of the full process - I measured something around 10 s.

The hops component itself is doing a pretty easy task, it’s doing the same as the group above on the screenshot (solution time of the group computing 500k mesh is slightly above 1 second).
Nonetheless, I need it to be solved asynchronously because this task is performed every time I select an object in Rhino. So obviously I can’t afford even the 500 ms Rhino freeze every time I select something. Solution data is later displayed in the Display Conduit, and I’m ok waiting for it to pop up with some lag if it needs more time to solve.

What actually slows everything down is that I’m sending (sometimes big) data to Hops.

So, is this data sending a bottleneck or something can be done about it?