Hops and PyQt5 app

I connect this app created with PyQt5 and python with flask and ghhops.
As you can see in the video when i create new shapes i need to recompute to receive the new data.
Is there a way to make hops automatically receive the new data?

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What if you wire a trigger component to the Hops component to call your python server on a regularly scheduled interval?

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Thanks @stevebaer
Yes it works , but doesn’t this make Python and Grasshopper run slower?

Yes it is more work, but at least it works :slight_smile:

Thanks , i hope that Hops will have autoupdate option

I find another way , i remove flask server and save output data to txt file and load the txt file in Grasshopper with Synchronize enabled.
This update all datas in realtime.

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This give me an idea to control gh file with python, i will try with sql to compare speed.