Hop function

I don’t understand why the code (first image above) works well and returns a valid path, but as soon as I implement the function (image below) and call it, I have the path with double backslashes on output: do you know why and how to solve?

I think this is from Python and it is not a problem

from my point of view it is a problem: how can I solve it?

Check this

Thanks, but this solution is not nice, because I don’t solve inside the Hop function and I am forced to add two Py or C# components every time I use the function. I would like the data to come out correct from the Hops function.

As i know in Python if you use string
the output always stay the same.

Are you using the latest version of hops?

Darn, I thought I had this fixed but apparently not. I’ll see what I can do.

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other problem:
When I call the Hop function in the general file, it doesn’t work, but it works fine by itself and creates the wing.

Hi -

Can you post those files?