Hoopersnake definition fill shape with CHAMFER BOXES

i have been recently working on hoop Snake plug in and i found this definition from CHAMFER BOXES WITH HOOPSNAKE IN GRASSHOPPER . i tried to rebuild it because he didn’t update the definition but a screen shot from the script. Does anybody know what is the blue arrow component which connects between move geometry and the hooper snake data loop.Here are some photos from the component and the whole definition.
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partikelfeedbackloop.gh (16.8 KB)
ChamFerboxByDamonWu.3dm (3.1 MB)

here is a link to the video:

This component is removeDuplicatePts from kangaroo2.

Oh thanks a lot, that is really helpful!
i tried to run the definition with the component but unfortunately it didn’t work!
Any idea what could be bidding in my definition ? the target is to make it fill objects with this chamfer boxes.