Honeybee won't convert surfaces to windows... Why?

Hey folks,

I’m on a roll today, and am having an issue with converting closed Rhino polylines into glazing.

The issue is occurring in a few places:

  1. All skylights.

  2. Glazing which takes up the entirety (or close to) of a surface.

Rhino and Grasshopper files at the link below:

I assume that both of these are related to the ways that Rhino and Honeybee handle geometry, though I’m so fresh to both that I would really appreciate any guidance on why this might be happening.

I have a feeling that the issue with the vertical glazing above is that it was no geometry to anchor to on one side (i.e. either where the glazing panels in the bay window are “floating” next to another glazed surface, or where the glazed opening takes up the entire surface). Is there any way around this without re-modelling the geometry?

Many thanks folks,