Honeybee Radiation Analysis

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I’m actually bumping this old discussion (http://www.grasshopper3d.com/group/ladybug/forum/topics/hobeybee-hourly-solar-radiation) again. The questions below are more theoretical and not necessarily about the Honeybee module itself. When using the honeybee module for a radiation analysis:

  1. To account for reflections, is it using the RGB values? How, or does, the module account for energy absorbed vs. reflected? or is that not of concern when doing a radiation calc like this?
  2. testing the solar radiation through glazing, please verify the module accounts for VLT like a typical calculation. Does SHGC have any impact on the radiation calc?

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I can’t open your link as I was not a member of LB group on old forums.

First of all - there is a new forum dedicated for LB/HB, you should ask questions there: https://discourse.ladybug.tools

Your question is really unclear. I am not sure what you mean by “radiation” and honeybee. Radiation analysis is part of LB.

So If you meant Radiance (a program used by Honeybee for sunlight analysis) then it indeed takes reflections into account, depending on your materials setup. This would also correspond to your second question, as it takes glazing Visual Transmittance, once again based on your material setup.

If you meant radiation analysis (that is part of LB) then it doesnt take reflections into account. It is all written there if you hover over component (also described here: https://rhino.github.io/components/ladybug/radiationAnalysis.html)
### No reflection of sunlight is included in the radiation analysis with this component and it should therefore be used
neither for interior daylight studies nor for complex geometries nor for surfaces with high a reflectivity.

SHGC of glazing can be set up in HB for energy calculations (which are separate from daylight analysis section of HB) and in this case radiation matters.

To sum up - I do not know if you want to do radiation analysis or sunlight analysis, these are two different things. There are some great series on youtube by Chris Mackey on LB+HB (energy part) and Mostapha Roudsari on HB-Daylight. These are a great place to start and would answer your question (whatever it is :stuck_out_tongue: ).

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Thank you for the response. I was relying on the link to describe the question I had, so if you cannot see that, then yes the question is unclear.

To respond, I am referring to the first simulation type using Radiance. I will post to the discourse site. Thank you for sharing that!