Honeybee IntersectMass trouble


I have been working on a Grasshopper Honeybee file of an energy simulation for a building and have encountered issues with the IntersectMass component. I attached the file and marked the intersection issue column with red (be aware, the file is quite big)gelsenkirchenenergy.3dm (5.4 MB)
gelsenkirchenenergy5.gh (1.5 MB)
. What seems to be wrong is the component performing the intersection steps, though in the end, when checking the preview before starting simulation on the DecemposeBy Type comonent, the file has not recognized dthe differences of indoor and outdoor spaces for the parts i ran the intersection component on…

I found an old discussion for this topic here

but the solutions given don’t work on my file. If i plug the intersect masses component after the split building mass component, I get an error that the intersection should have been done before this step.

Has anyone got a bit of time to look in my file and help out with a suggestion? I would really appreciate that, thanks!

Hi @marijakatrina,
I’m sure you’ll get answers to your LB - HB questions faster on this discourse:

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thanks, yes, I just got an invitation for the forum!
Hope someone will have an answer :slight_smile: