Honeybee + Human UI script (Mostapha posted in 2017)

Has anyone else downloaded that awesome honeybee + human UI script that Mostapha posted on YouTube / github?

It is a great example (proof of concept) for utilizing Human UI with environmental analysis scripts, so I am trying to use it to show people how it all works. The issue is, the script doesn’t seem to be recognizing the layers within rhino (Floor, Walls, Ceiling, etc. in the “test_room.3dm” file Mostapha uploaded). Has anyone tested this script out lately and/or knows what could be going on? I just started using Human UI this week so admitingly im a bit lost with the components right now.

Thanks for the help!


@martin88smith, Did you solve this issue? In case this is the same issue as the one posted on YouTube installing the correct version of HumanUI should address the problem.

@Mostapha Yes, thanks for getting back to me. It was actually a matter of installing the “Human” plugin (not to be confused with “Human UI”). I initially thought they were both just one plugin but it turns out it is 2 separate downloads.

@Mostapha I have just found this video and subsequent post, however I dont where the script was posted. Could you or @martin88smith tell me where this can be found? I am curious on how this recipe was set up.

Thanks as always!

@Emmanuel_P_Gee_AIA_L see here:

Thanks @Mostapha, This seems to be an independent plugin for rhino 6 vs a grasshopper workflow using human ui. I was curious with the human ui example as this still allows me to work within grasshopper, but the human ui aspect could be very useful for non grasshopper users. I suppose the plugin is the next step forward.