Homework Grasshopper

hello , theres a models for a triangle chair (grasshopper ) please . Thank you

Sorry, nobody here is going to do your homework for you…


Come on @Helvetosaur ,

Don’t say nobody…

One triangle chair, parametric and render ready!

Script Features:
-Complete with user input slider for dynamic resizing
-Slick materials for engaging preview
-Point based, you can create 1 or 1,000 “If you’ve got points, we’ve got chairs!” - Script

Design Features:
-Integrated sloping designed to act as natural foot rest
-Promotes proper posture
-Easy assembly, only 4 parts
-Can be flat packed for shipping
-Very stable base, grounded in physics
-Focus on minimalism
-Can be turned over onto the sides for different seat heights and inclinations

Graph Space:

Model Space:

Render Space:

The man in the wine glass is your instructor pondering the incredible design of the homework you submitted.

If you mirror the triangle chair at the “point of incursion” you will actually get a triangle stool (think hour glass) that will actually be somewhat comfortable and structurally stable.

Best of luck!

20240422_Triangle_Chair_Homework_Response_01a.gh (7.0 KB)


such ergonomic, much comfortable! :joy:

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