Holomark 2 Released!


new gtx 1060 6gb.


A few weeks ago I mentioned a report by Simply Rhino in UK, dated 4 July 2017, titled Rhino v6 WIP NVIDIA Quadro Tests, which reported better results from the entry-level version of the new Quadro Pascal series, namely the Quadro P400, compared to the older Kepler-series Quadro K4000.

@John_Brock was skeptical that the entry-level P400 could really do so well. I decided to try it out with my new price-conscious self-build and indeed, I got a pretty good Holomark score of 59285 from just a Quadro P400 with an i5-7500 @ 3.4GHz. This cpu + gpu combo cost me about USD300. It beat Simply Rhino’s score of 44104 from a Quadro K4000 + i7-4930K @3.4GHz, a combo that cost about USD2000 back in its prime 4 years ago. Not bad for a cheapie, aye?

(John Brock) #740


Good to hear.

(Santidelo911) #741

Hi! First post here, got a bunch of test done in a Threadripper 1950x Cpu, did test with OC and 8,16 and 32 cores and RAM memory toggle set to Local on the ryzen master app seemed to get better results, with 32 cores.

These are my overclocks that i found stable, through the different core counts, with the voltage settings and a temperature read out in a Vray scene that i trusted to crash the computer if the overclock was sketchy, also some AIDA 64 with FPU enabled and all that stuff.

Cooler is the Enermax 360 tr4 radiator… Pretty darn good.

gpu is a gtx 1080 superclocked from evga running a 4k 27" display. Clock offset of +150MHz and Memory +300MHz; thats 2113MHz /5300Mhz tops (though i see the memory doesn’t clock higher than 5000MHz when boosting)

These are the 8C results CPU at 4.2GHz

These are the 16C results CPU at 4.15GHz

And 32C results CPU at 4.075GHz

First Memory toggle set to Distributed

Then with Memory toggle set to Local

And this is with the nvidia quality simple preset set to balanced.

system picture

(Ari Sogin) #742

My System Scored 120,000 in Holomark 2
Intel 7900x at 4.3ghz
32gbs of Corsair Dominator Ram
Nvidia Titan XP
Nzxt x62 Kraken cooler

Video of it at this link.


Holy smokes… :smiley:

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HP ZBook 15 G3 - results:

  • Intel Core I7 6700HQ 2,6GHz
  • RAM 16GB
  • Nvidia Quadro M2000M 4GB

Does anyone got results for the new ZBook G4 (Quadro M2200M) or Dell Precision 5520 or ZBook 15 Studio G4 (both Quadro M1200M)??

(Felix) #745

I may have results from a similar configuration to what you’ve asked, from a Lenovo P51 (7820/M2200) that i could have access.

Here is from a workstation with a Firepro W8000 ( processor not helping much, it’s a Phenom 1090T OC to 4200/3000(NB) ) :

Update (text results) :

Holomark 2 v2,2,03

Total Score: 47316
Total Runtime: 167.72 sec

GPU scores: 33730
GPU_01 - 625.00 fps - Cube 4 tests
GPU_02 - 30.10 fps - UDT Shape
GPU_03 - 49.30 fps - Wireframe
GPU_04 - 31.30 fps - Shaded
GPU_05 - 26.40 fps - Rendered
GPU_06 - 25.60 fps - Block Rendered
GPU_07 - 11 units Nurbs @ 5 fps in Wireframe
GPU_08 - 7 units Nurbs @ 5 fps in Shaded
GPU_09 - 26 units Nurbs @ 5 fps in RenderSpeed
GPU_10 - 84.00 fps - RenderMesh Render
GPU_11 - 400.00 fps - RenderMesh RenderSpeed
GPU_12 - 95.20 fps - JoinedMesh Render
GPU_13 - 1111.10 fps - JoinedMesh RenderSpeed
GPU_14 - 5 units mesh @ 15 fps in Shaded
GPU_15 - 6 units mesh @ 15 fps in Render
GPU_16 - 135 units mesh @ 15 fps in RenderSpeed
GPU_17 - 64.10 fps - mesh in Rendered Studio
GPU_18 - 8.60 fps - Nurbs in Rendered Studio
GPU_19 - 21.90 fps - Block Illustration
GPU_20 - 61.70 fps - 2D single
GPU_21 - 7.50 fps - 2D massive (20x)

CPU scores: 13586
CPU_01 - 11.95 sec - Booleans and Contours
CPU_02 - 1.58 sec - Twist and Taper (UDT)
CPU_03 - 5.58 sec - Meshing Mini
CPU_04 - 0.03 sec - Extract Render Mesh
CPU_05 - 0.06 sec - Join Render Mesh
CPU_06 - 11.61 sec - Reduce Mesh
CPU_07 - 1.54 sec - Calculating Technical display
CPU_08 - 4.45 sec - Making Silhouettes

To be filled by O.E.M.
To be filled by O.E.M.

AMD FirePro W8000 - 4095.0 MB

AMD Phenom™ II X6 1090T Processor
NumberOfCores: 6 NumberOfLogicalProcessors: 6
MaxClockSpeed: 3.6 GHz

TotalPhysicalMemory: 16.0 GB

Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate

  • Service Pack 1 - 64-bit

Rhino 5 sr 9 64 bit

(Brian Gillespie) #746

RH-39091 is fixed in the latest Rhino 6 Service Release Candidate


Thanks, I am working on a new Holomark now so this is great.
I don’t have that build so I can’t test it, so I have to ask:
can this SET AA level as well?

(Steve Baer) #748

Yes this also allows for setting.



Just posting scores. These are from October, but the system is the same.

Supermicro X9-dai / Dual Xeon / Quadro K6000

Anybody have results from a system built on SM’s newer X11 series motherboards? Or using the P5000 or P6000 gpu’s?



Were i can download latest Holomark 2 benchmark.
I want to test Rhino 6 performance


(Felix) #751

I believe that Holomark for Rhino 6 is under development. At least that is what i have understood by Holo’s latest reply.


Yep! I am working on a new Holomark, but it takes time so you will have to wait a fair bit for that one.

In the mean time I will make a Holomark 2.5 that runs on both V5 and V6 that measures the FPS on a fixed set of cars. The current “populate as many as possible” approach takes waaaay to long on V6 due to the faster display pipeline.

(I have a current working version for V6 that I will PM you so you can try if you like. But it will not be released (I think))


Thanks Holo.
I will wait for stable release.


(John Brock) #754

Seem pretty good:


Yeah great scores and a very stable performer!

The Quadros are excellent when it comes to visual quality and opengl speed.
Their AA quality is the best in the industry and they run almost just as fast with AA on as with it off.

Here is my personal opinion on GeForce vs Quadro:
(Here I use the 1070 vs P2000 as price equivalent examples)
The only reason to go for Geforce instead of a Quadro 1070 instead of the P2000 is 2x more Cuda cores and 2x the amount of Vram for about the same price. (Faster Raytraced in other words)

So if you rather need supercrisp curvedrawing and ultrafast AA (And extra stable drivers and hardware that can run 24/7) then go for the P2000.
It’s that simple.

Now I need to clear my calendar to free up some time to work on Holomark3…

Nvidia Quadro p2000 4GB vs Gtx 1070 8GB
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Joda! Og vi fikk oss snøskuter forrige uke… Så lanseringen av HM3 kan ta litt tid :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Stikk innom på kaffe en dag!