Holomark 2 Released!



Imagine. Just because you made the test, you got a ten times faster machine;-)
GPU_04 is actually twentyfold…


I don’t get it. If you really have deinstalled all of your previous Rhino version, and put on more than one new install from different downloads of it, and it’s still the same slow thing, it couldn’t be something in the package of Rhino…
You should have faster cpu values than Mitch, who has the same cpu clocked ten percent slower.
If the machine would behave slow on all software, I’d say, begin ruling out the hardware, but…
As a last try, but its expensive, ask Mitch what MoBo he has;-)
Yup, a chip code update, maybe there is something wrong.
I wouldn’t go just for the Intel driver, but also the newest drivers from the Motherboard. Besides the virus check, it’s a shot in the dark, but…


New machine.


Pretty sweet for a computer you can carry under your arm! :smile:


Try disabling all of your one installed Rhino plugins, anti virus & closing all open applications before running Holomark.


Turned off my one installed plugins, anti virus & all running apps, here are my results from Home Machine & Work Machinge, Results are making much more scene…




On your 770 why are your RenderSpeed scores lower than the Render scores? Turning off shadows and advanced lighting should NOT lower the speed. In both Nurbs and Mesh you get half the speed, also in GPU_16 that should be much faster than GPU_15.


@holo i really don’t know, but would like to… what do you suggest ?


I am afraid I have no clue, the odd and individual geforce performance is a mystery to me.


@holo ok, Tnx ! will keep on testing and post the results.


I wished my GTX 780 would show me this results, your GTX 770 is much faster on your system. Gratulation! :slight_smile:

(Petr Benes) #504

Hi Holo, you are right.
This is test performed with antialiasing off:

What hardware aspects speed up workflow in Rhino?

Just received some new towers:

Holomark 2 v2,2,03

Total Score: 37019
Total Runtime: 191.21 sec

GPU scores: 23640
GPU_01 - 367.00 fps - Cube 4 tests
GPU_02 - 37.90 fps - UDT Shape
GPU_03 - 81.30 fps - Wireframe
GPU_04 - 39.80 fps - Shaded
GPU_05 - 26.00 fps - Rendered
GPU_06 - 24.80 fps - Block Rendered
GPU_07 - 18 units Nurbs @ 5 fps in Wireframe
GPU_08 - 12 units Nurbs @ 5 fps in Shaded
GPU_09 - 50 units Nurbs @ 5 fps in RenderSpeed
GPU_10 - 58.10 fps - RenderMesh Render
GPU_11 - 294.10 fps - RenderMesh RenderSpeed
GPU_12 - 56.20 fps - JoinedMesh Render
GPU_13 - 322.60 fps - JoinedMesh RenderSpeed
GPU_14 - 12 units mesh @ 15 fps in Shaded
GPU_15 - 5 units mesh @ 15 fps in Render
GPU_16 - 40 units mesh @ 15 fps in RenderSpeed
GPU_17 - 22.10 fps - mesh in Rendered Studio
GPU_18 - 7.60 fps - Nurbs in Rendered Studio
GPU_19 - 19.60 fps - Block Illustration
GPU_20 - 85.50 fps - 2D single
GPU_21 - 8.30 fps - 2D massive (20x)

CPU scores: 13379
CPU_01 - 10.42 sec - Booleans and Contours
CPU_02 - 1.59 sec - Twist and Taper (UDT)
CPU_03 - 4.74 sec - Meshing Mini
CPU_04 - 0.02 sec - Extract Render Mesh
CPU_05 - 0.03 sec - Join Render Mesh
CPU_06 - 14.96 sec - Reduce Mesh
CPU_07 - 1.93 sec - Calculating Technical display
CPU_08 - 3.68 sec - Making Silhouettes

HP Z640 Workstation

NVIDIA Quadro K420 - 1024.0 MB
NVIDIA Quadro K420 - 1024.0 MB

Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2630 v3 @ 2.40GHz
NumberOfCores: 8 NumberOfLogicalProcessors: 16
MaxClockSpeed: 2.4 GHz

TotalPhysicalMemory: 16.0 GB

Microsoft Windows 7 Professionnel

  • Service Pack 1 - 64 bits

Rhino 5 sr 10 64 bit

Threading issue with Reduce Mesh?

The 420 does a good job, but apparently Reduced Mesh has issues with the many cored Xeons.
Thanks for sharing.


Hi there.

Holomark2 (downloaded from original website - http://www.holomark.com/) dont work on WINDOWS 8.1 pro X64.

Any suggestions?

On my previous Windows 7 OS it was perfect… I can not find the reason for this issue.


Hi there… Can you explain how do you install HOLOMARK2 Benchmark for Rhino, on Windows 8.1 Pro?

It wont start the test.


It can be your username. If it has a “none english” character then Python bugs down. If so then copy the Holomark files to a location with just english characters and install it manually from there.


User name? from Windows?

English caracters?


It wont star the Test… rhino show-me this:

Loading Rhino Render, version 1.50, Jun 24 2014, 04:48:58
Command: HoloMark2

Preparing Holomark 2 v2,2,03

Rhino 5 sr 9 64 bit
Starting Holomark2
Rhino’s language is English
1, C:\Users\A_André\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\5.0\Plug-ins\Holomark2 (XXX-XXXX-XXXXXX-XXX)\1.0.5407.40499
HoloMark2_Mini.3dm was located
HM2_Wire.ini was located
HM2_Shaded.ini was located
HM2_Render.ini was located
HM2_Illustration.ini was located
HM2_RenderSpeed.ini was located
All is ok

and wont star-…
Should i try to update for the last Rhino 5 version? (what is the last version?) SR9 ?, SR10? or SR11?


I’m guessing it’a the “é” in André as Holo suggested (non-standard ASCII character, I guess). Move the files to another folder (Like C:/Holomark) and run it from there.

HTH, Jakob