Holomark 2 Released!



Oh, my apologies I thought they were about £2-3k.

Looks like you’re going to have enough for a weekend at home then.

Get the pizza’s in :wink:


Hi all,
I share my score
AA is disabled
with AA ther score is around 50 000.


I find this very interesting , can it it be true that the gtx 970 for some reason does not share the artificial nvidia limitations applied to the other modern geforce cards???

I just bought a k 4000… >sigh<



@Vad: could you please post a full test with AA on?


Any strange outcomes?


here the results,






Great, no effect of the AA at the GPU4/16 values, like I expected from my tests in the past. :slight_smile:
The total score can be quite misleading. :wink:


My display settings changed after the test. My options export file is from last year… any ideas to get them back?

I don’t know what else changed :grimacing:


I absolutely agree, and I did a comparison chart to show what tests benefits from NO AA (shown in green), and thus benefits from a faster card. In other words: If the score is not affected by the AA then the card is not running at 100% and the software is the bottleneck (shown in red).
(Edit: GPU_01 is not really limited by the software, but neither limited by hardware)

VAD’s GeForce 970 on an i7-4790K:

I absolutely agree that these three tests affects the score WAY TO MUCH. And I will fix that together with other stuff in the upcoming Holomark 2.5 release. I’ll also add the text string for fast copy-paste to the also upcoming comparison chart. (I’ll make a spreadsheet like I had for Holomark1)


Very interesting, good explanation.

Thank you,


Jorgen, you should really add an option to donate an amount to your website, Holomark is so useful!!!




And it is on the todolist… But not high enough up yet.


Strangely my Work Pc get’s a higher score then my stronger Home Pc…
Work :
Quadro 2000K
i7-3770 3.4GHz
16 GB Ram
128 GB SSD

Home :
GTX 770 - 4GB
i7-4790K 4.00GHz
16 GB Ram
128 GB SSD


V-ray installed at home?


Interesting to see that the work PC (which looks to be overclocked to 3.9 GHz?) runs almost 7 times faster through the UDT test eventhough the home PC runs at 4 GHz.


@Holo Nope Vray is not installed…

@wim Indeed it is strange…i have no explanation for that…Work Pc in not Overclocked that i know of, but i’ll take a look at my Bios just to make sure…


OK, then make sure Rhino uses the GTX and not the intel card. That could be the reason.


But your GTX Card Shows better GPU results than your Quadro. 66fps in shaded mode (GPU4) is a great result.


@Holo think it’s beeing used…

@Micha yea it is, but still, the overall score is strange…


your 4790k score is very strange (7665)
with mine, I scored around 20 000
Are you running a lot of applications ? try to disactivate your antivirus and other stuff.
your cpu should be in idle before starting holomark