Holomark 2 Released!

What I don’t get is this:
Core™ i7-3820 CPU @ 3.60GHz   NumberOfCores: 4   NumberOfLogicalProcessors: 8
MaxClockSpeed: 2.4 GHz

Why is my max clock speed so low? Something I can set somewhere?

DanBayn - Im trying to figure out why our GPU scores are so different.

Hi Dan, why have your GPU_21 - 2D MASSIVE gone through the roof?
It should NOT be 2X faster than GPU_20…

And I see you have a Xeon… so it could have completed the test prior to inserting the 2D data.
Darn these different systems :wink:

And Technical display was calculated really fast too.
Also your UDT’s was slow, as expected with the Xeon’s for some odd reason.

Hi Mitch, I thought using the “no template” gave me the default Rhino template. but maybe I did it wrong.
Thanks though, I’ll look into it.

I don’t know why your CPU speed is returned as it is, I might be using the wrong data, but you are the first to report this. Please check with your system properties and see what it says there.

Dan has a Xeon processor, and it seems they have some issues with some of the tests.

Since you’re adding layers to the document for your other stuff, I would just add a new layer called “output” with the color black and put the text on it - that way you can make sure it’s always black… Cheap insurance.

That what it says in my system properties too - I don’t know why, but it looks like a BIOS setting… Will try to find out why…

Thanks, good point with the layer. I also saw that the red performance curve has default print color, so I need to adjust that.
Good luck with the CPU speed, the Bios is the place to set the speed right, but make sure you read up properly on the subject first, and find the right speeds for your CPU.

“why have your GPU_21 - 2D MASSIVE gone through the roof?”

You’re asking me? :smiley:

I have no idea. I did notice that GPU-16 got up to 535 units, and that took a while.

I seem to have the highest score, which, unless this is golf, is probably a good thing?

no curve for me :frowning:

Better scores when my new system is reasdy:

Well, it seems this value is spurious and is just some number stored somewhere (even the computer builder doesn’t understand why). But tests indicate that the system is working at the designated 3.6 Ghz and even up to 3.8 maximum with the “turbo boost”…


@BrianM, @Steve_Howden, @allrad:
You are all running an unrecommended Quadro driver.
It’s worth a try to change it to the recommended driver and change the NCP setting to see if that improves your performance.


I couldn’t install the RHI, so I unzipped it. Then I found I need SR8 when I have only SR7 (with no upgrade in sight due to our upgrade policies).

When we upgrade I’ll run the benchmark :smile:

RHI files should be associated with the Rhino installer engine.
You might try right-clicking on the RHI file and choosing the Rhino Installer Engine. Your Windows may think the file is a 7Z file and is launching 7Zip instead of the Rhino Installer Engine.

Of course that doesn’t help until you get updated to SR8 anyway.
The SR9 first release candidate is getting close too.
It’s probably worth the effort to beat up the people enforcing the company update policies.

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No, I have RHI extension associated with the installer engine, which warned me that “developers should take care to properly make RHI’s” (paraphrased).

The lowest score, sweet.

I got a Sophos message that the Ge.tt website downloads had been blocked because some virus has been found there. Since I’m on a work computer I will have to pass.

Thanks for the new test! My score:

Did have a little hiccup with installing - Holomark2 command wasn’t available. I think it had something to do with having Holomark1 still installed. Deleting the Holomark1 plugin file and restarting Rhino fixed it.

Another small detail, got a few lines of “Can not close the last viewport” right before the CPU_03 test.

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Is there an easy way to uninstall the plugin again? :smile:

Sometimes when I startup Rhino it say’s something like “Error - Cannot load plugin”.
I’ll take a screenshot if it happens again :wink:

You can always block the plug-in by unchecking “Enabled” in Tools=>Options=>Plug-ins. It may require a restart.