Holomark 2 Released!

not bad at all.
Did you run “GeForceTestEngine” before the test?

actually i didnt. i really didnt know anything about it. where do i find this? i assume someone posted a link somewhere back in the 263 posts? lol

here it is.

From what I understand is that if you have a Quadro already then the GeforceTestEngine has no effect. The whole point of the GFTE is to somehow bypass the Geforce CAD limitations in OpenGL. Michael VS

ya okay, but let’s have some quadro guys run it anyway in the spirit
of banging ones head against the wall kinda science, to see if a
quadro card inadvertently slips up and performs differently…might even learn something from it.
~Not really sure what though.

Testing this morning, I notice that enabling the GeForceTestEngine plug-in actually has a negative effect here, with my GTX 780, my score went from around 46K down to around 42K. So I suspect that @jeff did some work on the display stuff and some of the fixes got into the latest SR10 RC… Plus new nVidia drivers have come out and perhaps they fixed some stuff too… The 100 sphere test that kicked off this whole thing is now down to 1.25 seconds here from around 4.6 seconds two months ago.

Finally, I’ve decided to keep the GTX 780 in the machine and not replace it with a Quadro as planned, the performance now seems OK and it’s always good to have a different card for testing. The real proof will be when I start trying to do another one of my animations of student work, with thousands of objects to manipulate on-screen… Probably in January 2015.


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Hi Holo, see PM sent.

tried both firefox and IE now and both fail. I am win 7 64bit pro new build, Kaspersky Internet Security 2014, all updates up to date.

I click the latest link and get server not found with the default browser Firefox. close that, copy paste the address into IE and DNS server not available it says after running diagnostics.

what browsers and versions are folk running that can see it ?

Anyone with Virgin UK ?


You can download it from www.holomark.com too.
See if that works for you.

results of the Holomark2 on rhino v5.
Geforce GTX970’ and my new PC Intel core i7 4790 3.6Ghz with 32Gb ram and SSD HD

Your comments please, is this any good ? How does it rate against others etc ?
You can interpret it better than me.

I see a couple of comparisons, I was originally going for the 780, also attached cribbed from above a 780 with latest drivers, labeled as ‘Not Steve.’
I see the quadro k5000 with a higher score, cpu with more Hz, or is it the Quadro making the difference ?
This Nvidia Geforce GTX970 is heralded as THE card, blows all else away…so does it , or are they talking gaming and not CAD ?

Whats this about AA on and AA off. what was mine ?


For normal Nurbs modelling and 2D it is great, the graph with the pink background.
And Quadros are faster on massive mesh scenes.

Hello everyone
I wanted to say that it is very easy to fool the results in the “esc” key
And the need to fix this bug in the software
REAL SCORE.txt (1.9 KB)

Hi avirhino
I have no intention in spend hours to prevent you from intentionally tampering with the scores,

but I agree that the test should have supported ESC to quit the test. It does when ran as a script, but not when made into a plugin, so it would also require a fair bit of recoding:

So I trust you rather want to play with the tool responsibly than to wait for me to prevent kids from fooling each other with false scores :wink:

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So the esc key just results in gotest skip,skip,skip,finished…tadaa!

I remember one of the much older holomark tests you could cover the
rhino screen with another window and get really good results too.

Lenovo W540, 4800QM on non-Turbo, K2100, Adaptive Graphics.

BTW thank you for making the test.

Lenovo W540, 4800QM on Maximum-Turbo, K2100, Adaptive Graphics.

BTW thank you again for making the test.

I broke 63000 (previously 57000) by just turning of other programs and utilities.
Regards, Greg

Nice Rhino candy. Do you have more views?

Hi thanks for taking the time to feedback guys.
I’ll see what I can muster up once things calm down, being able to break the test is handy, and most of the code is in there allready, it just doesn’t work right now.


Sure… but i don’t compose them very well…something i am learning.
not many other shots…still modeling/ working on the details when i can.
This actually started off as a sort of a bicycle project.


Definitely want to try riding one of those… Looks hard to steer, though… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: