Holomark 2 for Rhino 5

I ran the same test on my GeForce GTX TI:

Command: Testmaxspeed
Time to regen viewport 100 times = 8.07 seconds.
Display mode set to “Backfaces”.
Command: Testmaxspeed
Time to regen viewport 100 times = 26.79 seconds.

So it takes the same performance hit on this file as the Firepro. However it is slightly faster in both tests.

This is beyond my knowledge now. But have you checked for bad objects and checked if there are any selfintersecting surfaces? It sounds to me to be file related.

I have no idea if that can mess up the backface calculation, but it can be worth a try. Hide one and one object until it is snappy to rotate.

Good luck!

Yes, I am sure it is file related. This is an imported file, so there are issues with it. I’m just glad to know now that it is not card specific.


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Here’s my latest score with graph! It still reports cpu speed at 3.2 ghz while in fact for this test it was clocked at 4.1 ghz.

WERE i can find this rhino benchmark to test my GTX 780M and i7 4710MQ machine??


Here, and Release Candidate 2 is soon to be released.
Release Candidate 1 expires May 15th.

Can anyone say what kind of issue could my GTX780M have, for to not handle 18Mb rhino 5 file, with a lots of edges, in SHADOWS and SHADER on??

I can not have a nice and smooth 3D rotate with that options turn on, plus all layers on.

are any reasons for this GTX 780M card, to not perform nice in RHINO? Are the geforce cards OpenGL the problem?

Because if so! I think I will change for a QUADRO K3100M…

any help here please. I will be grateful.

There can be many reasons, but first you need to know if it is the system or the file.
Do you know how well a Quadro system handles the file?

And since you have a laptop. are you SURE it uses the GTX7809M? some of those laptops has dual graphiccards and chooses the Intel card as default.

and about your answer… i do not know how QUADRO K3100M perform on this matter… I all the search i made, despite the notebookcheck, it is difficult to find result and scores, or even users with that Quadro card.

Although, QUADRO K3100M is still very new. it like a baby compare to the other quadro series. My issue here is, QUADRO cards are mostly firmware and drivers support. If we don’t have that, i think they will not get full performance. So, because of that i do not know if i stay on GTX780M or change for a QUADRO K3100M

A have send a message to John Brock and ask him about my hardware configs. He say: “with that your configurations you will get a nice workflow.”

I am start to think if the problem are the file, but i am pretty shore that file is very clean. I use repeated blocks…But i have to confess that file have a lots of edges… like 2million. It is a project where i draw many steel trellis, bracets and plates. Its almost a steel construction.

and yes… i have the GPU GTX configurate to work with all 3D apps that i have install on this 5 days new machine. In fact, i have tried all kind of configurations to test all kind of situations. I have an old laptop with a NVidia Geforce GT 8700M 512Mb GDDR3 card, and in viewport rotate, i think there is a few differences between GTX 780M and GT 8700M… And that is really stupid. Because the GTX specs are by far much higher than my gt old card.

I was send the file to 1 or 2 friend, which they are RHINO users to, one with a GT 750M (MacBook) and other with the same laptop but in GTX 770M… I am still waiting for their results.

With the Geforce 3xx series nVidia started to limit the professional performance on the GeForce cards, so an old 8800 performs almost as fast as a newer card.

If you look at all the scores that were reported back on the other Holomark Release Candidate thread then you will see how the 780 compares to the Quadros. Or AMD’s for that’s sake.

Notice that the pro cards excell at the pure MESH tests. And are not so much faster on the nurbs tests.

So… in your expertise, do you recommend that i stay on this GTX 780M…

I only work on this apps:

AUTOCAD 2010/2012
MoI - Moment of Inspiration software (little son of Rhino)

one think i am shore… i will not, ever not, go to install a game. “no gamer in this room”

"I use repeated blocks…"
Actually the advantages of blocks are in file size and (geometry) management.
For display speed they are a noticeable disadvantage.
Try to explode the blocks in a testfile and see if that displays faster.


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Can you please take a look at my 2 tests:

Please post a screenshot of your settings in Rhino Options - View - OpenGL.

Nvidia GT 8700M

Nvidia GTX 780M