Holes in surface (again)

The surface here is a skin for an airfoil. The actual skin is .016". The idea is to be able to place the rivet holes, unroll the surface, export to .dxf and CNC the skin on a router. I went for the MakeHole function first, but was wrong result because the hole was projected onto the folded undersurface. Tried RoundHole, but it formed too many surfaces that didn’t unroll. Tried curve Intersection command and subsequent trim, but was not able to successfully trim out all the holes. I seem to remember being able to use the RoundHole command in the windows version where there was an option to just cut through, rather than having to specify a distance as in my Mac version. Am I missing something because this is becoming very trying and my colleague is bagging me for not using Fusion360!!!

Problem child.3dm (3.7 MB)