Ho do I disable these messages

These messages pop up when I Close Rhino with The EndEnter Command. How can I disable them?


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The second is not an error message, it’s a “last chance to save your work before you lose opportunity.

I’d need to run the file which is causing to myself to figure out why the first message is shown.

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Hi David,

Thanks for getting back to me. Please see attached. I am using a batch file to load a model into Rhino, The GH reads the command history to get the path and completes a procedure (all of which is irreverent to the problem but I thought I would give you some context).

The time out close is what closes the program with the RHCommand component and the “Exit” and “EndEnter” Command. If you open the GH and wait 60s you will see what I mean. Thanks for the assistance.


example_load_save_and_exit.gh (20.6 KB)