HM2_Illustration question

I posted a thread about this a year ago but thought I’d repeat it again.

One of the features that I most miss from SketchUp is the ability to show unrendered textures - no lights, no GI, no setup, etc. Often, especially during the course of a project, this is all my client’s need to see progress.

HM2_Illustration offers a simple version of this.

Therefore a couple of questions -

  1. Is there another mode that gives me this option that I’m not aware of?
  2. Would it be possible to nudge this developer to a more advanced version that would allow manipulation of the texture in the viewport rather than trying to fuss with the U and V controls? (In SketchUp you can click on the texture in the viewport to get a set of controls to allow you to move, position and scale the texture to your liking.). I’d pay for it as a plugin.

you can use a texture any time and set textured objects to rendered with SetObjectDisplayMode.
you can also set the rendered options to no light however you want, also as an exta configuration.
one thing which you may want is to deactivate diffuse lighting to make it free of shading.

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Hi arail, turning off lighting for a display mode is not difficult, and you can assign display modes to custom objects, so what do you need done?
(In case other readers don’t know: HM2_illustration is one of the modes installed with Holomark2, and is not a default Rhino display mode, but a tweaked Illustration mode)

In v6 with picture material:

Or if you want to do a custom material, in advanced settings:

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the left one with alpha channel?

No, that is white on white, I should’ve picked a different background color. The selection highlight makes it look like alpha. Edit: to clarify the box on the left is textured such that the texture isn’t shaded.

did you cut it from a comic?
i also could not resist playing a bit more :smiley:

I gimped it indeed from some pictures as an inside office joke here in Finland, involving @lars and @marika_almgren

Now I use it often as test texture (:

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hehe gogo gadgeto kukko pils :smiley:

Thanks for the replies.
The top image is what I get when I set objects to rendered in Display mode, turn on edges and turn off lights, the bottom is HM2 for comparison.

Maybe there are some more controls that I can tweak to get it closer to the clean, graphic quality of HM2 but if not, I would generally prefer HM2. The brightness of the original jpgs are more accurately preserved.

What I was asking for in no.2 in my original post was some way to interact with the textures without having to go to the rather ungainly UV tools in Rhino, like you can in SketchUp

For those who aren’t familiar with SketchUp you click on the texture in the viewport and you’re given a simple set of controls to move, scale and stretch to get what you want. Very handy for quick editing.

I will play around with the V6 suggestions but VRay is an integral part of my workflow so I’m tied to V5 for the foreseeable future.

Thanks all

The beta plug-in of V-Ray seems to be working fine in V6…

the left one has diffuse shading enabled the right one has it turned off, apparently i had to set it to render view to get the shaded one to look shaded at all, something i screwed around with the setting myself trying to get rid of the light. but i am sure you get there pretty soon. i used a mac though but on windows you should even have more options.

just a little add on.

what is HM2 Illustration?

I think I just figured it out. I now have a version seemingly identical to HM2.
Thanks for all the input I received about this.

When you download the Holomark 2 file to test your computer’s performance you get a handful of Display Modes with it.

ahhhh, ok, thank you.