HistoryRecord SetBytes() missing


Is there any reason not to include a generic method to add the cache of the inputs in the history? If not, can you please include this option using byte array?

The approach of hard coding a separate method for each data type doesn’t work for me, I need a general method to read and write the inputs. I will try with SetString but it would be interesting to have a more basic, generic or fundamental option that accepts byte array, isn’t it?


The same for replay the input cache using ReplayHistoryResult, why is the history protocol so hard coded? Can’t there be a generic method to write and read?

I expect that if you write the history at the beginning of the command, you can know what to read when Rhino updates the command. So, it should be possible to do this without knowing the input type, using some signature, rather than explicitly by hard code using its specific methods, which prevent the history from being automated.

Hi @Dani_Abalde,

A HistoryRecord is designed to store the user inputs required to rebuild the output when a history-supporting command’s ReplayHistory member is called. Since no Rhino command require the user of a byte, as input by the user, the class does not support reading and writing a byte. If you need to record a byte, for some reason, then I suggest just writing an integer, performing the proper conversion as needed.

– Dale

Hi Dale, I am not asking how to do something, I am asking for a feature, to include a generic method to automate as much as possible the history on commands. I can automate the gh components generation from my objects but for rhinocommon is everything so hard coded that is very limiting.