HistoryPurge "All" acts on all objects including hidden

I noticed in the file I’m working on that using HistoryPurge with the All option purged history from a lot more objects than were visible - that’s when I realized it was also acting on hidden objects and those on off layers… That’s not characteristically how Rhino works…

Methinks that this should only work on what’s currently visible/selectable - like what you can select with Ctrl+A. Perhaps HistoryPurge needs another option if this “whole file” behavior needs to be preserved.

Thanks, --Mitch

I agree a user warning is in place here, I disagree it should not operate on hidden/locked objects, as one needs to able to purge a file of all history dependencies at once.

I think just like when deleting layers with content or exiting blockedit with hidden/locked objects; for the non-hyphened command a dialog pops up to state hidden or locked objects with history will be purged as well, continue?

the hyphened version should get a switch to inclufe/exclude hidden or locked objects…


That’s what I meant when I said:

In this case it is not clear what “All” really means and I would rather have it clear from the outset rather than have a warning dialog pop up which just is an annoyance.


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Some more issues I found when exploring this, @pascal for visibility in this thread:

HistoryPurge with the option ALL also is undo-able!

HistoryPurge(All) cannot be undone and repports “incorrect” number of purged objects; to repeat:

  • create an object and copy with history
  • move the parent object a couple of times
  • run history purge; the reported number of objects is equal to the number of moves +1
    (I suspect it reports the objects in the undo stack that get purged as well)
  • Undo will move the child objects to previous positions, but the history link is broken.

I’m not sure what behaviour is best; but the All switch in historypurge needs some love with regards to user expectation and warning.


Hi Mitch, Willem - thanks, I see this. So, to sum up:

  1. The reported count is wrong, potentially, even taking into account hidden objects
  2. The user should be warned that some hidden objects had their History purged. At least, if not more options…
  3. HistoryPurge should be Undoable. (Willem, as far as I can see it is not, right?)

Do I have it all?




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RH-27956 is fixed in the latest Rhino 7.8 Service Release Candidate