History on network curves

Hi! I have noticed that in half surface version (1st screenshot) built with network curve history is works, but if to build circle like surface (2nd screenshot) in the same way - history doesn’t works. Is that a bug?

Hi Sergey - it should work as far as I know- can you please post the curves you are using, or send to tech@mcneel.com?



Hi Pascal - Here is the file - Thanks !Curve Network for history example_3dm.zip (13.5 KB)

Hi Sergey - here’s my version - it does update but I can imagine it may fall apart too much - if you edit curves and pull them away from each other too much for instance. I don’t know at what point NetworkSrf will fail to build a surface from non-intersecting curves. But, at least with small edits, it updates.

Curve Network for history example_PG.3dm (86.4 KB)


Here is the surface from network curve and if i change curves - surface updates (1st file)
The second file - surface from network curves in circles - not updates ((( ?Curve Network for history example 1.3dm (67.2 KB)
Curve Network for history example 2.3dm (87.0 KB)

Just fogot to say - if i using your file you send me - changing curves do not make surface to update.I do not change it too much - just a little for fine tuning the shape (I’m making jewelry rings). Are you using Rhino for Mac?

Hi Sergey - if you run the History command, is ‘update’ set (checked) ?

@iradovsky - we did find a bug with this - thanks for the heads-up.



Yes the History update checked. Thank a lot, Pascal ))

History should now work with the NetworkSrf command in the latest RhinoWIP (5E63w). Please give it a try.