History of Networksrf on Rhiono 6


Shouldn’t I use the edges of extruded surfaces in Rhino6 NetworkSrf?

In the following situations…

I want to adjust a new surface with side frame curves after NetwarkSrf…
therefore I had used NetworkSrf on Rhino 4.
but, the history of NetworkSrf on Rhino 6 sometimes don’t works same situation.

History works fine when I use NetworkSrf after trimming the extruded surface.

It is a pain in the neck.


Maybe run the ConvertExtrusion command prior to running NetworkSrf. It looks like the extrusion is the problem, so convert it to a “normal” surface first with ConvertExtrusion.

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Thanks Great Answer!

I was looking for help for the ConvertExtrusion and found UseExtrusions.
I finally understand why I was also failing in Grasshopper’s NetworkSrf.


Hello - I see this, thanks.



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RH-55247 is fixed in the latest WIP