History: Lock Children Exceptions

Is there a way to make _Delete override the Lock Children rule through some kind prefix like # or %?

I’m trying to use the Lock Children option. It’s pretty darn helpful, except for deleting geometry. It makes sense for _Delete to override the Lock Children rule like _Join does, as it’s obvious they will break history. Plus that’s better than using _PurgeHistory _Delete, because you can’t undo a purge. I tried making this into a macro, but if the brep didn’t have history, it asks for an valid input before preceding.

Also, the _PurgeHistory command line option is ambiguous. Does ‘(All)’ mean that hitting enter will purge history from all breps? ‘Objects=All/Selected/None’ would be more explicit for a command with no undo button.

Hmm -

Preselect then

_HistoryPurge _Delete



I did that, but it fails if there isn’t any history.

True… and I think, at the moment at least, I concur that Delete could maybe override LockChildren - I’ll run it by the developer.


The more I think about it, a prefix is more useful in the long run. The same way you use # to record history for a command (#ExtrudeCrv), another prefix like ‘]’ could be used to override Lock Children:


That would give users the power to easily and explicitly choose to obey or override lock children.

I just found another oddity - _Blend/_BlendSrf _Edit. You can edit the blends, but the changes revert back to the original once you exit the command.

@Pascal, I found a way to make it work:

_History _Lock=No _Enter
_History _Lock=Yes _Enter

Since discovering this, I have quit using _HistoryPurge. Mistakes are costly when you lose the ability to _Undo. Selectively turning the rule off and on is far superior.

Speaking of, is there any chance of being able to use a prefix to temporarily suspend _History _Lock=Yes? Preferably a single char prefix that doesn’t require shift to type, i.e. something from this set:

` - = [ ] \ ; ’ , . /