History inside Blocks?

It does not seem to be possible to keep the modelling history intact inside of a block, right?

Hi Eugen -

That is correct, yes.

Ok! Since we don’t have parametric blocks (except with VisualArq Element), at least this function would help.
More difficult to implement as it sounds?

Hi -

There are currently 612 open items related to blocks, 468 of these are marked as bugs. A request for a new feature (history in a block) would likely (ideally?) be looked at after those 468 items are dealt with.
We have a feature request on the list (RH-34030 - not visible to the public) for “SmartBlocks”. I have added your voice to that item.

For the time being, it might be worth looking into creating a Grasshopper graph and using GrasshopperPlayer to easily access that in Rhino.

Yeah, those blocks… Well, another release cycle, another chance. They can only get better.
Thank you, Wim!

Taking into consideration the current limitations when using dimensions in the context of blocks, developing ‘smart blocks’ would be a great step forward.
Actually, working with dimensioned blocs is problematic in some situations.


Rodolfo Santos.