History in v6 is making me insane

history in v6 is fundamentally flawed in my opinion. Currently if you have an object with history and you modify something that negatively affects history, the model screws up. Surfaces shoot off in space or other mayhem.

My proposal is two part:

  1. objects with history should have a dedicated color wireframe. Say orange for instance, objects with history are orange, and if you break the history, wireframe just reverts to it’s default color. no harm, no foul.
  2. if you break history in a way that makes a history mess, instead of making the mess, history just breaks and everything stays put. This would essentially be the same as purging history for that object. In MOST cases I’m seeing , I want everything to stay put, but as of now it goes haywire. this makes me undo, purge history and then go back and redo what I did before.

Can we not add the purge history behavior to things that would break history and then use the color to indicate if history is active or not? That way if I need to use history further (rarely) I can undo and change the operation to not break history. However in most cases I just want to move on if history breaks, and this saves an undo, purge, redo cycle.


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Hey Kyle,


I ran in to some intrusive feeling History behavior as well and am wondering what the developers intention is. For those of us who only need History as an exception shouldn’t there be a way of keeping it off the way there is now?

Kyle is talking about geometry creation whereas you talk about dimensions - correct me if I’m wrong (both of you).

For geometry creation, you still have to actively turn on history. In my opinion, dimensions don’t make sense without geometry and, as such, history always makes sense.

Of course, history shouldn’t get in the way of you doing what you want and I think the challenge is to get it to work as unobtrusive as possible.


This would be very useful.


I would prefer to also see the original layer color. A blend perhaps, between the layer color and orange (or whatever ‘history-color’)?


I don’t use history, so in advance sorry for a silly question. Doesn’t ‘lock children’ pretty much take care of this?