History function does not work in Flow Command

History function does not work in “Flow” Command
when I enable history just before the command.

But it work when history is always enable mode.

Rhinoceros 5 Version 5.9.40609.20145, 2014/06/09.

Hi Katsu- It seems to work OK here- make sure Copy=Yes, it may be resetting to Copy=No


Hi Pascal,
Thanks, but I’m afraid that It seems not to work here even if Copy=Yes.

Is this for ALL models or only one? If it is only one, can you post an example?

@margaret @pascal Hmmm… I’m suffering form this but I think it might be T-Splines?

I have mesh of a watch strap I’ve modelled that is flat but I want to flow the mesh around a curve with history or a block so that I can make changes to the stitching:

What I’ve done above is easy enough but it’s a pain to have to change bits and then flow and export/render etc.

I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong? Flow doesn’t work with a block, it just rotates around the curve as a solid shape (even when I’ve selected rigid - no)

Any ideas?


Correct - the only way it can stay connected to the block definition is to make the transforms ‘rigid’.