History Failed to Update Object

My problem is occurring when using Gumball with History to edit Child Objects by altering the Parent Objects-

When I attempt to use this series of commands, (Such as- Turn on Gumball with History, FLOW objects along a curve, then edit the Parent Objects) I receive the error message “History Failed to update 10 Objects.”

When I attempt to History Purge, and the command says, "Select Objects to history purge, it does not allow me to select objects. Instead, I press the “All” button and I receive the message, “History Purge failed.”

I saved the file, exited, restarted my computer, reopened file and same error messages occur.
I have a MacBook Pro with OS Catalina.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

Is “Lock children” enabled in your History settings?

Could you tell me what you mean by “Lock Children” in History Settings?
When clicking on the Pyramid icon,
The options I have are:
-Broken History Warning
-Record Annotation History.

All of these options are checked with the blue check mark ON.

When I click and hold the History (pyramid icon) in my toolbar, I have the option to “Select Children” and “Select Parents.” I have tried both of these commands, but upon editing parent objects, I receive the notification, “History failed to update _ items”

I am finding this error when doing a simple FLOW 10 simple objects (Spheres) around a curve. Nothing complex here!

Any other suggestions?

Uncheck “Lock” and see if that changes anything…

Hello - if you make a curve in a new file - say a circle, and extrude it with History on, then move the curve - does that move the extrusion or do you get the failure message?


Hi Pascal,
Here’s what I just did:

Gumball is turned on- I made a circle, turned on History, extruded it as a solid, then moved the curve, and the curve moves successfully with the object.
Message says, “History Updated 1 object”

I am constantly experiencing this “History failed to update” problem when Flowing objects along a curve and editing a parent object.
Thank you for your help, any advice is greatly appreciated.

When you run into this, please make a file with the input objects clear instructions about what gets flowed etc and post the file here or send to tech@mcneel.com with a link back here in your comments.


Here is the .3dm file I’m working with.
I would like the spheres on the line to Flow along the outer surface of the cylinder.
Thank you!

KyriHinkleman_RingTest.3dm (3.0 MB)

Hello - thanks,. I see the problem updating when using Flow and an extrusion edge as the target - you can make it work by using DupEdge on the extrusion edge you want to use as the target curve and using the curve rather than the edge, or ConvertExtrusion to a polysurface and then use the edge.


I have Rhino 7 for a mack and I am working on the jug learning file. Revolve a surface with history on. When I move the control point out with the gumball, the history will not update

Hello - please post the file with the input curve and the revolved surface.


Thanks for your prompt reply. I am new to Rhino (been on Vectorworks for 15 years) so I am working my way thru the tutorials which are awesome by the way. They cover everything. Here is the file. Again it is from the tutorial file.

Hello - nothing in the file has history - so the way it works is, you must invoke History recording, by default, every time you want to record history for a command - recording is turned off when the command finishes - including if you cancel due to noticing a mistake or something. Note you do not need to record history before you start a command (though that is usual) you just need to turn that on before the command ends.


So that is confusing. In the tutorial it takes you thru a revolve command with preset curves. (This is in the level 1 tutorial under revolve in surfaces). Then it tells you to start recording by pressing the record button in the tool bar. There is also a history command which when you prompt and check record and update. It should automatically update with a curve change no? Maybe I need to select the object before I turn on history?

It does not appear that you need to turn history on and off before a command is finished, and then it turns off. I thought of it as continually recording when turned on.

Hello - by default, you need to explicitly turn on History for each command. Turning off afterwards is the default behavior.

1.Turn on History at the status bar
2. Start Revolve
3. Select the curve(s) then the axis, and finish the command.

Edit the curve to update the revolved surface. If at any time before finishing the command you cancel it, you must start History recording again for the next attempt.


Thanks, I get it. You might want to include more of those on off instructions in the user guide. It is vague as well as the tutorial.