History failed to update 1 object with Sweep2

HI all,

I don’t understand why History failed to update 1 object showing up when I try to drag the control point of one of the rail after generating the surface with Sweep2.

Please help.

01262016.3dm (194.8 KB)


Hi Wen - I don’t know… looks a bit buggy to me, I’ll poke at it some more.

It seems to behave if you DupEdge for the cross-section curves rather than use the edges directly.


That is a good point!

I was directly picking from the edge instead of a real curve as the cross section.

I did DupEdge beforehand, and used the curve as the new cross section. Now it updates just fine.


If you run ConvertExtrusion on these surfaces it works with edges too. It must be a bug, @pascal.

Yep- good catch - same in V6 so far, Thanks.
hmmm - Works with new extrusions in V6… not with this set.



there is a V6 already??

McNeel is working on it now, so they check bugs against the new code. V6 is not generally available, though.

KK, that’s fine. Just don’t want to miss out.