History dependent silhouette command

i realised that the silhouette command is not depending on history. is there a workaround in rhino or grasshopper to complete this task?
i use the silhouette command for cutting a mold into parts.
the shape itself is to be developped, therefore the parting line should update when the surface is changed.

Hello - None that I know of, but GH might well be able to help. It looks to me like you’d need to write a script component though, I do not see anything built in for silhouettes.

RH-60026 Silhouette - Add support for History.


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thanks for adding to the wishlist.
to be honest: i am surprised, that it has not yet been there, as V7 seems to aim at improving mould making tools.
how do others solve the task of creating parting lines?

Hi -

In Rhino 7, the DraftAngleAnalysis command has options to create the max, mid, and min draft curve.

thanks for the info! I dimly recalled something like that, when talking about improved mould making tools (have no V7 installed). how does it interfere with history?