History and Distribute

How does the Distribute command interact with Rhino History?

Here I have 1 gem:

Here I make a linear array of 10 gems with 0.20 mm between them.

Let’s say I’d rather have a space of 0.50 mm between them so I use Distribute (Mode=Gap Spacing=0.50) in the YAxis. Here is the result I get.

Clearly, the gems at the top of the line have a 0.50 mm gap but the ones at the bottom do not. What’s going on here?

No, Distribute is Not “History enabled”

If you want to know, start a command and press F1 to open the Help file article for it.

Commands that are History enabled have a decoration at the top of the Help article.
Here’s what Loft looks like that is history aware:


Thanks John.
I understand that it’s not history enabled, but I was hoping that Distribute would break history on the child objects in the same way that Move does.