Hint: Texture/Material Mapping Using a Grid Texture

On my latest project, I am using a seamless texture. I’ve wanted to make it pretty seamless, and now that I have, I don’t have a good idea of the scale of it on various objects.

So, I made a grid texture, in this case, just made with the Rhino 3D background, with a nice red racing stripe to show where it repeats. Then I adjust mappings, and when I am done, I just switch the texture back to the original.

In this first image, you can that the material mapping is a different scale on the left. Those on the right were already mapped and scaled…close enough.

This texture is a 2 x 1 aspect ration, but this is what I am using. Really they should be powers of 2, but this is better than what I had. There are 4 lines to a repeat.

Here, I’ve switched back to the original texture. Once, I add Reflectivity and Reflection Polish to the material, I won’t be able to see much of the texture until I render the image. Because I am using a lot of instanced objects, I likely will have to make the texture larger.

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