Hint: Many Pointed Blocks

When creating blocks, you can use a lot of points for possible locations because it makes assembling objects quick and easy.

The windows tooltip doesn’t show in the screenshot, but you can see that I am going to move the simplified bolt by the point in its base snapping it to the washer, and then into the bracket. Align is handy for setting fasteners flush.

Using points can be not only quick, but likely more accurate than snapping to the center of a object. There is an extra point in the center of the head of the bolt so it can be quickly rotated for no-axial surfaces.

I usually also include a point where the block handle is, though for this bracket, I have an extra.

Specifically for bolts, if you are consistent about the orientation you create the block, and always place the point in the base of the wrenching head, you can swap bolt lengths.

[For the bolt, I use a small chamfer to remind me that the last few threads may not be full.]