Hint: Faster Wirecuts

Often, choosing which side of a wirecut to keep costs time and effort because there’s no key bound for flipping, AFAIK.

I find that it’s easier and quicker set the “KeepAll” option set, and then when I make wirecuts, I just make the cut, and just delete the pieces I don’t want. This method works well for doing miters.

The invert option switches the highlighted part that will be cut away.

Hi Brenda - click the mouse in the viewport to see the possible results highlighted - Enter/Right-click when you see the parts highlighted that you want to delete.


Thanks for that tip Pascal. I never discovered that. :grinning:


Hi @pascal,

feedback color when rhino asks for the cut depth point is still black. Can this be changed in the future please ?


Got that, thanks. Input curve color would be the expected color I guess and not official ‘feedback color’, at least for the displayed copy of the curve.



Yep, i´ve meant it should look like when doing an extrusion of the curve. :wink:


When doing mitres, I find it quicker to chop both parts at once and delete what I don’t want.

fwiw, i also do it the way you’re describing.

Check out a clever plug-in called Peter’s Tools which has a handy tool called Temporary Straight Line Trim. You just draw a line you want to trim against, press Enter then delete what you don’t want to keep…Sweet.