Hillside Parking Lot Generator

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I am Planning a Car Park with around 500 Lots on a Hillside Plot. The Difference in Hight is 20m from the lowest point in the bottom right corner to the highest point in the top left corner. On the left side of the plot and above it are accesses to the street. Since the contour lines moves themselves diagonally to the plots alignment, I want the parking lots to follow these diagonal lines. Due to the goal of being certified by DGNB for environmentally friendly buildings and urban compositions, my goal is to produce only a very little amount of earth that needs to be (re-)moved from the Plot.

This is what the base terrain looks like.

This is the Modeller Script i wrote so far. I used Lands Design for easy access to roads and mesh modifying. But it performs quiet slow, thats why iā€™m open for other solutions aswell.

And this is what a possible modified terrain could look like. What you can see are 6 different terraces with a depth of 18 to 20 metres. Since the parking lots are 6m in depth and the driving lane passing through the lots has to be 6 metres as well. The access roads on the top of the plot an on the bottom can have a width of 5m each. But are limited to a Slope of 8% and should be accessable from the surrounding streets (at least on the top, since there is no such road on the bottom of the plot).

My next GOAL is to improve the Script in such a way, that i can use Galapagos with it and let it try multiple different layouts. As i mentioned above, the fitness value should be a balanced result of cuts and fills. And a minimum of 500 Parking Lots. I could also imagine to bend the terraces along the contour lines, if that has a positive impact on my goals, the overall performance and the design of course.

If there are any questions left, feel free to ask. I would be very thankfull for any kind of suggestions.

Thanks in Advance

Lands Design Parking Lot Generator.gh (39.8 KB)
Lands Design Parking Lot Generator.3dm (1.1 MB)

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Any suggestions on how to improve the chosen Systeme?