Highlight/select/drag curves

I’m trying to select curves, the way in which the spheres are selectable in this example:


…but I cannot get them to highlight on hovering, or to be selectable. Is that expected behaviour?

No, this is not an expected behavior and our team is looking into the issue. I will let you know once there is an update on this. Thank you for your patience.

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Hi Sven, this is exactly I was looking for. I would like to implement the same functionality in my definition. I am looking forward to receive some updates on this.
@shwdehaan are you going to employ a gumball to manipulate (move and rotate) your curves in 3D space?

Not sure yet what I’m going to end up with, but I’m currently exploring the possibilities to manipulate (move, scale, rotate) objects without triggering a grasshopper update instantly, since this is much faster.

@pavol is there an updated link for the provided tutorial? I cannot access it (ssl security block)

This tutorial was using the old viewer version 2, and is therefore outdated. You can find resources about selection and draggin in viewer version 3 in our help center, with many code examples: Interactions - Part 1